Through our stainless steel, iron, and aluminum products,
we contribute to solving regional and global environmental issues.

We mainly manufacture equipment that supports the environment. In particular, we are contributing to the solution of environmental issues through the production of equipment for cleaning water. We deliver our products to water purification plants, sewage treatment facilities, disposal sites, etc. in Japan.

We manufacture the optimal products one by one according to the needs of the user,
and perform a series of operations from design, production, assembly, installation, and support.

In order to achieve the quality requested by our customers, we carefully make each product from design to production. In addition, we handle a wide range of work that uses metal, such as equipment used in food factories and pesticide spraying equipment.

Message from CEO

Water is the beginning of life,
“creating” for 7 billion people.

Before spring rice planting, our hometown of Shonai Plain is filled with snowmelt from Mt. Gassan and Mt. Chokai. I will try to climb the mountain at that time. Small villages look like islands in the sea. That's when the Shonai Plain looks most divine and perfect of the year.

Water is essential for human survival. It's the beginning of life. Nakano Tekko is still a small business, but we believe that our job is to "create" for the 7 billion people around the world. for this beautiful region. For people living in countries where access to safe water is difficult.

We have excellent technology and ideas for customers that we have spun for many years. We listen to our customers' concerns and provide solid solutions. It seems to be a big thing, but the aim is the world. Right now, I'm just honing my technique and skills. Nakano Tekko will continue to evolve for a safer, more secure, and more comfortable environment around the world.

Masayuki Itagaki
Masayuki Itagaki


Through our work, we pursue the realization of a society where everyone can live comfortably and with peace of mind, accept each other wholeheartedly, enjoy differences, and respond strongly to change.


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