We will introduce products made to order one by one using stainless steel, iron, and aluminum products.

Sludge collector

This equipment collects and removes sludge that settles and accumulates in sedimentation tanks in water treatment facilities. We design and manufacture according to the shape and use of the sedimentation tank of each facility.


Equipment used to store dewatered sludge, etc. Accumulated matter fed from the top of the hopper is taken out in a timely and appropriate amount by cutting out with the screw shaft and opening and closing the cut gate.


A device that passes a shaft through a trough or pipe, attaches blades in a spiral, and rotates the shaft to convey the material to be processed. The size and pitch of the blades are adjusted according to the required conveying amount and the shape of the processed material.


Input ports, heat exchangers, air diffusers, production equipment for food factories, chemical sprayers (spray masters), interior products for major department stores and public facilities, various tanks, handrails, stairs, etc.

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